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Lightning Pigeon

Welcome to the Very Basic Email Server homepage.

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VBES represents an SMTP as well as a POP3 server. It represents a multi-domain handling email server, capable of handling subdomained email addresses. For instance, imagine you own a web server that serves the following domains/subdomains: and Then imagine that you employ email addresses such as and One mail server handles both domains and all subdomains!

Just configure the DNS MX pointers to point to your IP address and then configure VBES to handle your subdomains. Set up VBES to receive and relay email through VBES handles the following server functions, SMTP and POP3.

And what if you bought 10 domain names and owned 10 domain names. VBES not only handles SMTP and POP3 for multiple subdomain names, it also handles other domain names.

We debated over the application name, and initially registered the project proclaiming the application name as VBES (Very Basic Email Server). And we initially stated that it would be an SMTP server. However, what good is SMTP without POP3 and IMAP? First and foremost, VBES defines an Email Server.